What You Need To Know About A Fiancé Visa

Many people know that marrying a U.S. citizen can be a simple way to gain access to the country, but few people know that you don't have to wait until the marriage has been completed before obtaining a visa. A special visa, known as a fiancé visa, can be issued to allow your future spouse entry into the country. 

If you are planning to marry a foreign national, here are two things you need to know to successfully complete a fiancé visa application in the future.

1. You must have tangible wedding plans.

While the government understands that getting married in the United States fulfills a dream for many couples, it cannot rely on your word alone when issuing a fiancé visa. In order for your future spouse to be eligible for a fiancé visa, you must show tangible proof that you have wedding plans. 

Some great documents to provide the proof you need are contracts for your wedding venue and catering service. Just be sure that you explain your situation to your wedding vendors so that the exact date of your wedding can remain flexible. It can take between 4 and 8 weeks for the embassy or consulate in your spouse's country to receive your approved application and an additional 2 to 6 months to complete the interview process. 

Having the help of a skilled immigration attorney when preparing your paperwork can reduce the amount of time it takes to get a fiancé visa, since these professionals can ensure that your application is complete upon submission and will not be returned or delayed due to missing documentation.

2. You must have spent physical time with your fiancé in the recent past.

Being engaged to a foreign national can be difficult. It isn't easy to spend time with one another when you live in different countries, but you must make an effort to see each other in person if you hope to obtain a fiancé visa. 

The law requires that engaged couples see each other at least once within the two years leading up to the filing of a fiancé visa application. Hiring an immigration attorney will help ensure that you have the travel itineraries, receipts, and photographic evidence you need to prove that you and your fiancé meet this requirement.

When it comes to marrying a foreign national, obtaining a fiancé visa can be a simple way to get your beloved into the United States. For more information, contact Carmen DiAmore-Siah Attorney At Law or a similar legal professional.

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